Nigerian Woman Whose Husband Is Being Treated For Octogenarian Cancer In The US Deported


A Nigerian, Mrs Olalere Comfort Kehinde, whose octogenarian husband, Mr Olalere Joseph Olaleke is currently being treated for cancer in the United States, has challenged her deportation from that country. Mrs Olalere, in a petition dated April 3 by her lawyer, Babs Akinwumi, faulted her deportation on March 17 this year, describing it as “unlawful, degrading and inhuman.”

She stated, in the petition received at the US Embassy in Abuja on April 5, that she travelled on March 15 to care for her husband “who is undergoing cancer medical therapy in the US,’ but was subjected to “harrowing and unimaginable treatment” on arriving the Los Angeles International Airport on March 17.

Mrs Olalere said she was detained for five hours at the airport on the allegation that she had overstayed the six month allocated her, when she last visited.

She wants the US Government to investigate the “unfortunate treatment” accorded her and ensure that the culprits are penalize to prevent further harassment of other visitors.












































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