Video of a Nigerian lady fighting in public with a man in Italy goes viral

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#American Way Or #Nigerian Way….RATE!! Which Is Better??

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Can You Tuck In Your T-Shirt? | 5 Rules For Wearing A Tucked T Shirt

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Fuck you..

This really inspired me…thank you so much!! You are what the world needs more. thank you again!


This is to the people who think they aren’t worth anything because they can’t match a standard that’s set by the world for them. This is for the ones who aren’t pretty or handsome enough to have a crowd rooting for them. This is for the ones who are called ‘too fat’ or ‘too skinny’. This is for the ones who rely on the benchmark the society has provided to figure out their self worth.
In this world of Kardashians and trumps what really matters is how you portray yourself. You know these magazines, the media and all around you are just telling you that you’re ugly and you need to work on it and this can destroy you morally. The society has set standards for teenagers these days and 10 year old girls instead of arranging kitty parties focus on their make up kits and 10 year old guys…

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Find Out 5 Things The New Samsung Galaxy S8 Can Do That The iPhone Can’t (With Pictures)

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HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOO IMFYlites, someone is excited at the moment and that happens to be..??? ME!!!.

The GIF above rightly describes my current mood, except that mine is happening all in my mind as I happen to be spending my weekend indoors, as always :). But there is good news though as I would be sharing my current jam which i have been feeling for the past two weeks which is highly unlike me, as I easily get tired of songs after a short while.

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Comedian Basket Mouth May Sue AMA Organisers

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Ace Singer Darey And Wife Celebrates 10th Wedding Anniversary With Wife [Photos]

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Read Comment: Toke Makinwa’s Book “On Becoming” Generates Comments on Social Media

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Don’t Look Old and Dirty When Pregnant-Actress Joy Awade Advise Pregnant Women

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